Our Fasteners are recognized throughout the world as confirming with the latest building codes and requirements. As we do strictly follow ASTM Standard.


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Our wide offering of services, including application engineering, customized supply program & assembly automation.

We offer destructive and non-destructive testing & witness testing by independent authorities including: LLOYDS, EIL, PDIL, NPCL, BARC, BVIS, BAX COUNCIL, KPDG, TOYO, MECON, RITES, UDHE, TCE, ICB, etc. or Buyer's Inspector.

Fasteners & components for Electronics, including systems engineered for magnesium, thermoplastics & PCBs
Automotive Fastening Solutions, The latest technology for automotive applications.
Aerospace Fastening Solutions, Fasteners & installation tools developed specifically for the aerospace market
Construction Fastenong Solution, Fasteners for all types of construction products.
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