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The PACIFIC FORGING & FASTENERS PVT. LTD. is an leading manufacturer of High Tensile Stud Bolts, Threaded Bars, Bolts and Nuts. Here we combine all our technical knowledge to advance the technology and application engineering of fasteners and formed parts through planned programs of research and education.

Our goal is to consistently be the "lowest total cost" commercial fastener manufacturer & distributor in the World. So we hire top-notch people and provide them with the most technologically advanced systems to constantly monitor and improve our operation for the benefit of our customers. We liberally reinvest in inventory, adding only the highest quality, competitively priced fasteners and related products.

We guarantee outstanding services like on time delivery, call-backs when promised, error-free shipping and billing. The reward is exceptionally satisfied, loyal customers and employees who prosper along with us.

About Us | Mission Statement | Products | Services | Our Facilities | Quality Control | Contact Us
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